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Software Testing

At Computech, Inc., our Functional Testing team is highly trained to review your software, web site and internal applications to ensure that it is both robust and easy to use. We not only test to ensure that the software is built to specifications but we also provide “end user type” feedback early on in the development cycle to ensure we are delivering a software that is both easy and efficient to use.

Why Test?

Bugs are a normal by product of software development. Releasing a product without Testing does not mean that there are no Bugs. It just means that your Users are going to find it!

Finding and fixing defects early on in the development cycle is cheaper than finding them after you release. Our Testing team can test your Requirements to ensure that you are not only building the software right but you are also building the right software by doing a thorough ambiguity analysis of your Requirements.

Testing provides a greater visibility and an independent insight to the project status and risks.

When do you need us?

If you were a small company but now growing which brings the need for a more structured and documented approach to software delivery.

You are having problems delivering a high quality software due to various bottlenecks – Project Management, broken process, lack of a trained testing team.

You are adopting a new Software methodology and practice and you would like to incorporate Testing as part of your new model.

Your internal Testing team does not have the capacity to handle all the projects in the pipeline and you would like to outsource some of the Projects.

You have a great development team but no Testing team. You want a partner in your goal of creating and delivering a great software.

You want quality at competitive prices without having to deal with the problems which come with outsourcing – reduced quality, language and cultural barriers, time- zone differences. Our Near – Shore model allows our Engineers to visit client – sites when the need arises with no additional cost.

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